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Ashland Composites

Fiber-reinforced plastic composite is a material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. The most commonly used matrix in Fiber-reinforced plastics is resin. Most of the resins in our product range are suitable for both hand lay-up and spray lay-up manufacturing methods, except for certain resins, as S 604 INF 60, that are designed to be used for infusion. In general, the matrix chosen is determined by the end application.

We have a long cooperation with Ashland that started in the nineties when we were the distributor for Neste’s polyester business in Finland. In 2001, Neste Chemicals Oy sold its polyester business and assets, including its factory in Porvoo, to Ashland Inc. We are the exclusive distributor for Ashland in the Finnish market, which provides us and our customers the unique opportunity to utilise Ashland’s broad technical knowledge and personnel located here in Finland. Therefore, we, together with Ashland, can provide our customers the best and fastest possible service in the market.

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