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High-quality raw materials to the fibre-reinforced plastics industry since 1994

IMCD Finland Oy acquired Oy Kokko-Fiber Ab in September 2020.

Oy Kokko-Fiber Ab, the leading Finnish family-owned supplier of fibre-reinforced plastic composite materials, was founded by Stefan Brännkärr in Kokkola in 1994. We serve a very broad customer base that includes many of the largest Finnish companies that use fibre-reinforced plastics in their operations. The largest FRP industry in Finland is the marine industry. Our warehouse is located in Kokkola, in western Finland, from where we can easily serve the 60% of the Finnish marine industry that is located in the western coastal areas of Finland. We sell products that are used for building, in addition to boats, e.g. plastic doors, pipes and tanks, swimming pools, sports equipment, and bodies and drawbar-trailers for trucks.