TypeDescriptionWidth (cm)Weight (g/m2)
Emulsion MatA multipurpose chopped strand mat that is made from medium size chopped strands of E-glass which are held together by an emulsion binder. Used for fabricating automotive, sports equipment, trucks, industrial and marine parts.125 ja 95300, 450, 600, 900
Powder MatA rapid wetting and multi-resin compatible chopped strand mat which is composed of chopped glass filament bundles that are bound together with a small amount of highly soluble powdered polyester binder.127225, 300, 450,
Surface MatA mat that is made of randomly orientated semi-continuous filament glass fibres which are bound together by a modified styrene resin which solves rapidly in styrene-based resins. The surface mat is, as its name implies, designed to be used as a surfacing tissue for GRP laminates.10030
Continuous Filament MatA continuous strand mat of random orientation in multiple layers that are held together by a binder. We have in storage continuous filament mats that are designed for injection molding, however, on order we also deliver mats that are suitable for pultrusion.127450 (On order 300 and 600)