Mold Care Products

Release Agents

Zyvax Composite ShieldZyvax Composite Shield is a liquid and multi-resin compatible high performance release coating produced by Chemtrend. All Zyvax products are sold in one and three litre packages.
FNC10 Release FilmFNC10 is a disposable liquid release film produced by Finnester Coatings.
FinishKare Blue Wax and 1000PFinnishKare's blue wax and 1000P are both mold release waxes that are suitable for release of polyester and polyurethane molds.

Mold Cleaners

Zyvax Surface Cleaner is a mold cleaner that is specially designed to aid in the preparation of new and used molds. It can also be used to clean tooling as it removes waxes and other surface contaminants.

Mold Sealers

Zyvax Sealer GP is a high modulus, clear, flexible film with superior substrate adhesion that forms a protective shield on the mold or tool surface. It is a conditioner that is designed to treat both the chemical and physical bonding sites found on every raw mold surface.