Diab Core Materials

Diab has a wide range of core materials for use in sandwich composites. Each material provides specific characteristics suitable in various conditions.

Divinycell HDivinycell H is a light multipurpose PVC foam board with excellent mechanical properties and low weight. It is widely used and has a proven track record in virtually every application area where sandwich composites are employed, including marine, transport, wind energy and civil engineering. It is multi-resin compatible and it is especially suitable for insulation at low or cryogenic temperatures.Open PDF
Divinycell MatrixDivinycell Matrix is a multipurpose foam board with high strength-to-weight ratio. High mechanical properties at lower weight bring many crucial benefits: lower fuel consumption, higher application efficiency, decreased environmental impact and decreased lifetime cost.Open PDF
Divinycell PDivinycell P is a multi-resin compatible PET foam board with excellent Smoke & Toxicity properties due to which it is primarily used in transport, particularly for public transport, and construction industries. It is compatible with most commonly used manufacturing systems.Open PDF
ProBalsaProBalsa is a high-quality organic core material made from end grain balsa wood. As it has exceptional compressive strength, it is used in a wide range of applications and can also be combined with polymer core materials in, for instance, wind blades. In addition, it offers good fatigue properties, high thermal and sound insulation and low fire, smoke and toxicity properties. Compatible with most manufacturing processes.Open PDF