TypeDescriptionWidth (cm)Weight (g/m2)
Wowen RovingA multi-resin compatible roving mat that is made of continuous glass fibre roving which is interlaced into heavy weight fabrics. Both +/- 45 and 0/90 degrees oriented fibres are available. See picture above where the difference is explained.125+/-45 (400,600, 800) ja 0/90 (600)
Spray-up RovingA roving band with excellent wet-out properties for horizontal and vertical application. Designed to provide optimal performance for spray-up applications.--
Combination MatA multi-resin compatible fibreglass fabric consisting of +/- 45 600 g/m2 woven roving stitched with a 300 g/m2 emulsion chopped strand mat. Can be used for building layers instead of using individual materials separately.125300 e-matto ja 600 kudottu roving
Direct RovingA multi-resin compatible roving band that provides outstanding performance in weaving.--