Ineos composites

Gelcoat and Topcoat

A gelcoat is an in-mold coating used in fiber-reinforced plastics and cast polymers. Gelcoats are used for making the colored surfaces of fiberglass boats, including hulls and decks as well as other exterior and interior parts. We sell Gelcoats that are applicable for hand lay-up and spray lay-up manufacturing methods. Gelcoats are suitable for use in a variety of products in the building, construction, marine and transport industries. With our tinting machine that applies Ineos Instint color tinting service, we have immediately available more than 1,000 pre-programmed colors to our customers. Read more about our tinting service under the Tinting Service header.
Our product range includes Ineos premium Maxguard gelcoats, which provide superior performance in critical use environments, and Enguard high quality general purpose gelcoats. In addition, our product range includes certain special gelcoats as Maxguard FR flame retardant gelcoats and Maxguard GT premium tooling gelcoats.
All our gelcoats are also offered as topcoats. Topcoats are used as a finish where it is not possible to use a mold.

TypeDescriptionWorking TimeMekp-50%Datasheet
Enguard GE // SPre-accelerated multipurpose gelcoat for spray application.8 min2%Open PDF
Enguard GE // HPre-accelerated multipurpose gelcoat for hand application.13 min2%Open PDF
Maxguard GN // SPre-accelerated multipurpose premium gelcoat for spray application.7 min2%Open PDF
Maxguard GN // HPre-accelerated multipurpose premium gelcoat for hand application.13 min2%Open PDF
Maxguard FR // HPremium halogen free flame retardant gelcoat for hand application. Good resistance to flame and low smoke formation.13 min2%Open PDF
Maxguard GT // HPremium tooling gelcoat for hand application. Gives the final tooling a hard and glossy surface with good mechanical properties and toughness. Available in black (75200) and green (75400) colors.20 min2%Open PDF